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700 Enolocanda restaurant

A seasonal, lombard cuisine with south taste that change every week.

A restaurant with 45 seats that cuddle everyone who come to visit and to enjoy the journey.

Our main course is risotto with a reduction of Oppure (wine from Croatina’s grapes) but on our table you’ll always find le tagliatelle alla santa giuletta, braised ravioli, pisar (little gnocchi) with beans and every kind of Lasagnette.

Also meat is one of our menu big specialty: sliced steak,fillet with green pepper or with mushrooms and the special pork fillet in crust. All our sweets are homemade, from the chocolate and pear cake with wine reduction to the little cake with its chocolate heart.

We show the interest for our guest caring about their food health: we pay attention to every food allergy, trying to encounter their needs.



We realize a “zero-mile” cuisine, with unique quality products of our territory. We pay attention to the the seasonal nature of the foods

Aperitif at 700 Enolocanda

Good wine and delicious food will take your desire and expectations over your imagination.

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Opening days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
19.00 / 22.30

Saturday & Sunday
12.30 / 15.00 – 19.00 / 22.30

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