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Tagliatelle alla Santa Giuletta

The recipe of the Risorgimento “Tagliatelle alla Santa Giuletta” , has a curious history.

It was the “19 May 1859” and the Marquis Lorenzo Isimbardi attended, worried, the continuous coming and going on the Franco-Piedmontese and Austrian armies lands that a few days later would fight the Montebello Battle.

Returning from a cavalcade of exploration, to Marquis was announced that four officers from Piedmont/French were visiting, including count Conrad Cravetta of Villanovetta From Cavalleggeri of Montferrat, whom had met the landlord a few years earlier.

While the Marquis has his four guests, came two Austrian officers of the 19th regiment Ulani of two Sicilies, even them in courtesy call at Imperial Chamberlain, the Marquis Isimbardi. After the understandable embarrassed created by the situation, the Marquis invited everyone at breakfast.

It was a friendly lunch and, although for a few hours, the guests of different factions forgot the plight and their uncertain fate, enjoying local dishes, including the famous “Noodles” hastily cooked by the chefs of the Castle, but that aroused the compliments of Piedmont, French and Austrians!

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